Monday, 3 April 2017

Exploding Box Tutorial

Our very talented design team coordinator Cathy  has put this fabulous step by step together showing you all how to make her exploding box.
You will need 6 pieces of A4 card.
2  15cm x 42 cm card blanks, 2  10.5 x 30 cm card blanks, 2. 9.5x 19 cm card blanks. ( these are the new shaped cards from CCW.) Papers and toppers to decorate . Ribbon bow . Crafters companion ultimate score board
For layer 1 .... cut A4 sheet to 21 cm x 21 cm. score at 3 cm box lid on all 4 sides. Fold and burnish the score lines. Cut the corners and assemble using wet glue....put to one side to dry.
Take the 2   15X 42 cm card blanks and cut down by 1 cm to give you 2  14 cm x 42 cm card blanks. Cut these in half on the pre scored line so that you now have 4 14 x21 pieces of card. Score each one at 16 should now have 4 pieces of card  14x 21 cm scored at 16 cm. fold and burnish this line.
Take 1 sheet of A4 and cut into 2 14X14 cm square ..these are to hold the 4 sides together. Put red tape at the bottom of each of the 4 sides on the small fold and then carefully attach to one piece of the 14X14

Once all 4 sides are attached use the other piece of 14 x 14 to cover. It's best to use a wet glue to do this.
For the next layer you will need 2. 10.5 x30 card blanks. Cut these in half on the pre scored line to give you 4  10.5x 15 cm pieces of card. Score these at 2 cm. take a sheet of A4 and cut into 2 pieces 10.5 x10.5cm. Assemble the section as before.
For the lid take the piece of A4 and cut to 17x17 cm and score on box lid at 3 cm make up as before.
Layer 3.
You will need 2   9.5 x 19 cm card blanks. Cut in half like before and score at 1 cm. take the A4 card and cut 2.  9.5x 9.5 and assemble as before.
For the lid take the A4 card and cut to 15 cm x15 cm. score at 2.5 cm and make up as before.
You should now have 3 layers with 3 lids. Decorate in your own choice of papers and toppers before assembling. I used wet glue to hole the 3 boxes together.
Here is how the layers looked when decorated.
Cathy Used a Hint of a Hoot Complete Set from HERE

Enjoy Playing.

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