Thursday, 15 June 2017

Candle Tutorial by Hazel

Hello Crafters,

Hazel has very kindly done us the following tutorial on how to add a stamped image to a candle. 

You Will Need,
A Stamp,
Tissue Paper,
Colouring Medium,
A Candle,
Greaseproof Paper (Baking Parchment)
A Heat Gun.
Any other embellishments you want to add to the candle.

Stamp your chosen image onto the tissue paper. 

Color it in, and then cut round it. 
I try to go for vibrant colours using alcohol markers as I find that pencils are too light for the tissue. There is also more chance of the tissue tearing with pencils. 

Pop the stamped tissue image where you want it on the candle and then wrap it in the grease-proof paper. 

Now using a heat gun, you heat up the area with the image. You can see a difference in this picture to the first grease-proof paper one with the way the wax goes when it is heated. Its like there is a sheen on the back of the paper. Don't focus the heat on a particular area too long as it will melt the wax too much. 
Here is my finished Candle.  I added a border using Hint Of a Hoot Papers and part of a topper. This candle would only be for show though as with the paper it could be a fire hazard.

There we go. Its quite easy if you know how, as long as you are not too enthusiastic with the heat!!! I have learnt that from my early errors!!! LOL Melted candle wax everywhere.
Hazel xx

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